I’m not one to show off, (or as they say in Latin, non autem ad ostentationem), but it’s not often you win something and when you do, it’s nice to show your appreciation of those who appreciate you.

On the 8th May, Liz, Richard and I went to London to the annual AA Awards lunch. There was champagne, there were olives in little bowls, there was a posh meal served with people in white gloves, and there were awards. On a serious note, it was lovely to spend a bit of time talking with others who were in similar positions as us; getting tips and sharing stories. When it was our specific award, “The AA Story of the Year”, our hearts were pounding as the names were read out. It was an X-Factor moment; they even did a little pause in the middle of the sentence to build up the drama.

We were, understandably, over the moon to have won. Fortunately, Richard did not have to do a speech or we would still be there. We did come away with a lovely framed certificate and a beautiful engraved glass decanter, much to the dismay of our housekeeping department – just another thing to be dusted, apparently.

It was a great day out, and more importantly, it is always nice to receive recognition that things are going in the right direction. The story can be seen on this link, but the success of the business as a whole has been down to hard work from three generations and also employing fabulous staff, who understand what we are trying to achieve.

Now, how does one go about getting ones name down for an Oscar?