The Village of Santa Cristina in Valle di Chio is typically Italian. For example, it has a bar/meeting place/bakery/post office/shop thing that is only open early in the morning and late at night – and always has a random dog sniffing around outside alongside the most beautiful medieval school hall with intricate statues of the Virgin Mary and foreboding huge heavy oak doors. Most of the houses are tucked away up winding dirt drives, along which locals zoom and lost tourists crawl.

On the main road there is a sign. Famiglia Buccelletti, wine tasting, vineyard and olive mill. Familglia Buccelletti have pretty much been the only business (excluding the shop-thing) in Santa Cristina for four hundred years. The location once served as the local olive mill and wine press, where residents from all around would bring their olives and sangiovese grapes to be processed into olive oil and wine, respectively. The current owners, Lidia and Roberta are sisters-in-law. Their husbands were sons of the family who has run the vineyard for centuries before stopping producing in 1983. Lidia and Roberta used the grapes of the historic sangiovese vines and well as planting more and different varieties, including Merlot and Syrah and revitalized the business in 1994 and since then their reputation for producing the best wine in the area has been steadily speading.

Visiting any of the restaurants in the local towns of Castiglion Fiorentina and Cordoba, one name stands out as the local wine which is recommended most frequently, that of Famiglia Buccelletti, and not without reason.

If want to picture Valle di Chio, imagine something close to the Cambridgeshire Fens dotted with medieval walled villages, every ten miles ago. It was irrigated two thousand years ago by the Etruscans and the fertile soil has been producing some of the best wine in Tuscany ever since. Indeed, the Medici Family, who were largely responsible for rebuilding Florence in the renaissance, relied heavily on Valle di Chio along with the nearby Chianti and Montipulciano regions for a great deal of their wine.

We are absolutely delighted to have Roberta and Lidia coming to Cromer to show off their beautiful wines, and are very pleased that we will be able to pair them with a tasting menu including many dishes from out new spring menu.

We do still have tables available for The Friday Night, and at the time of writing, one still left for Saturday night.

Prices are Β£70ph to include a seven course tasting menu and five-glass flight of wine.

You can phone to book. 01263 512412.