Last year, we had a lovely couple staying with us, who worked very hard, very hard indeed. They were with us for a break and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Their only comment was that, although splashing around in our pool and meandering through the woods were great, and it was wonderful to be so near the golf club, the one thing they missed was a place to lie down, take their clothes off and let all their aches and stresses disappear. At first, we wondered what they were talking about, but then realised that they were after a massage.

Since 1936, when Bob and Hilda bought The Grove and opened its doors to paying guests, it has always been a place where people come to enjoy themselves and relax. These two words – enjoyment and relaxation – are what we base our business on now. We challenge all our staff to make sure that every guest leaves the door having had an enjoyable and relaxing time. Thankfully, this normally isn’t too difficult given that so many of our guests come for that specific reason.

For this reason, we have tried to build on this. From December this year, we will be working with a team of massage therapists working out of The Massage Hut, which is located in a quiet corner of the garden. Guests and locals will be able to come to The Grove and book in for a therapeutic massage, bringing a new level to the relaxation we have on offer. This could be nicely combined with a game of golf, from our “stay and play” package, or an afternoon tea.

So the next time someone asks if they can come to The Grove to undress and relax, we will know what they are talking about.

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