For as long as the five Graveling brothers and sisters can remember, we have had people camping on the field of The Grove. Our parents made a point most years of encouraging us to camp in the garden for a night or two during the summer. We have a picture of us in a tent together – Richard looking incredibly bored as he was having to go to bed so early and me (Ruth) looking incredibly excited to be camping with my older brothers and sisters. I was holding a book called ‘five in a tent’. I often had friends round who would come and camp for a few days. We would play outside and go on mini adventures in the garden and through the woods onto the beach. It was always great fun! Last year, I went to a friend’s 30th birthday weekend away where we went glamping. We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed being outside but also having the comforts of warmth and lighting with the wood burning stove and electricity points.

In 2014 we decided to trial glamping for the season. And this year, I have decided to take it on as my own business. We have a lot of the systems in place – like administration, cleaning and many of the facilities but I am keen to make glamping a really special, exciting and enjoyable experience. So far, I have bought all the beautiful 5 and 6 metre bell tents, wood burning stoves, solar panels, hammocks and various other things from a local company called SoulPad. This week I will begin to build the decking for each tent to be on. It’s a really exciting venture and it is certainly the perfect location for glamping to take place. Virtually every day, I walk or from the garden, through the woods and onto the cliff top and the beach within just a few minutes – I always enjoy it, no matter the weather. I can’t wait to see it up and running and see people enjoying Glamping at The Grove!