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We do not record any personal information that can identify individuals who visit our website, unless you make a booking with us or enter the information into contact form. If you provide us with personal information, we will only use it for our own administrative purposes or to contact you about your enquiry. We will not pass on your details to any third party unless requested by you to do so, or required to do so by law.

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The categories of guest information that we collect, hold and share include:

Name, address, email address, phone number, credit card details, allergy requirements, birthday anniversary dates, car registration number,

We use the guest data:

For police records, to process payments, to send marketing and news emails, to aid our restaurant in food requirements, to contact the guest in case of emergency, lost property or any other issues, for emergency evacuation records.

The lawful basis on which we use this information

Most data is collected by consent of the individual, however, there are also contractual and legal obligations for the use and storage of some data.

Email addresses, and names may be kept and used for significant interests of the individual in our services.

How information is stored

Credit card information is stored digitally, through secure websites. No credit card information is stored on the premises. Credit card details are encrypted, and once used, are no longer accessible.

Phone numbers, names and addresses are stored digitally. Names, phone numbers and allergy advice is stored in our paper restaurant book in the office on site. Past paper restaurant diaries are stored on site.

Voucher information is stored digitally. No voucher credit card information is stored on our website.

Grove voucher information and loyalty card information is stored securely and digitally.

Paper records of staying guests are kept on site in case of emergency evacuation. These are destroyed upon departure.

Who we share guest information with

No information is passed onto other companies or third parties for any other purpose not associated with The Grove Cromer LLP, The Grove Glamping or The Massage Hut. However, the following businesses have access to stored information to aid with the smooth running of The Grove Cromer. Eviivo, Freetobook, The Massage Hut, Live Link, Open Table, Hotel Direct Marketing, Active Campaign, Pollywiggle web design.

Why we share guest information

All third party businesses are used to manage operations of The Grove Cromer LLP. Including, processing bookings, responding to queries, informing guests of opportunities, and aiding guests and individuals in their use of our products and services.

Right to withdraw

Individuals may request to view all information held on them, or request further information by contacting

The Grove Glamping

The Grove Glamping is a separate business to The Grove Cromer.

The Grove Glamping shares information with The Grove Cromer, only. This includes names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers. This is stored and shared for contractual purposes.

All card and payment details are only stored on the cloud-based Freetobook booking system and are not stored on either The Grove Cromer or The Grove Glamping’s local computers.

All information is password protected and the full card details are not accessible to The Grove or The Grove Glamping.

The Grove Glamping currently uses email addresses for marketing purposes, email addresses are stored and distributed via mailing software, which is securely protected. The legal basis for this is former guests having a legitimate interest in The Grove Glamping’s business and products.