Bedroom number eight is a special bedroom, but why?

It was not designed as a feature room when virtually the whole of The Grove was rebuilt in 1797, it was simply one of the many guest bedrooms. It is old, but not so old that its age makes it special; it did exist long before the rebuild, but is not part of the original structure, as the wall with the door into it, from the main lower landing, was once an exterior wall, hence it being 2 foot think. It is big, at about 20 square metres, but it is not our largest room; number five’s 40 square metres dwarf it.

It is special, however, for sentimental reasons. It was the bedroom of Robert and Hilda Graveling, when they moved in in 1936, and the bedroom of John and Ann Graveling, when they took over in 1978, and the home of Ruth Graveling for the past year. All three of the Graveling girls slept there as infants. Now it is being transformed into a master suite. We are keeping all the original features. The original built in cupboard will still be there, tucked next to the chimney, the original fire place, will also still be there. Originally, there was also a small walk in wardrobe, this has now been knocked through to another room, close to my heart, added in the 1980s, which will be the bathroom. It too is sizeable, at 12 square metres, and has a lovely high south-facing window, where the sun can bathe you as you bathe yourself – if you choose to do so in the middle of the afternoon, that is.

This is our last remaining bedroom which we can revert to a guest room, as it was originally intended. To launch this, we will be running a competition, where the winner will win one night’s free B&B for two in number 8, so keep an eye on our social media, if you fancy a night away in style.

We will be taking eight photos of places in North Norfolk, and publishing them on Twitter and Facebook for eight consecutive weeks. The winner of the free night will be chosen from those who successfully identify all eight.

So good luck to all; one couple will be lucky number eight.