In 2005, a theory came out from economist Steven Levitt and writer Stephen Dubner about it taking a person about 10,000 hours to get good – or should I say really good – at a particular thing. Examples were given of The Beatles, artists and tennis players all never quite reaching their peaks until their 10,000 hour apprenticeships were completed. This certainly applies to one of the greatest comedy double acts this country has ever seen; when Morcome and Wise finally became household names, they had been on the entertainment circuit for over two decades. They had done their 10,000 hours. They had played concert halls, village halls, student halls and front halls, Wellington Pier, Victoria Pier, Brighton North Pier and I really, really want to say Cromer Pier, but sadly, it wouldn’t be true. Brushing that quickly aside, there is no real reason why they shouldn’t have done. At the time, piers all over the country were putting on shows featuring comedians, singers, musicians, dancers, magicians, jugglers, singing dogs, anything they could get their hands on really. It was the glorious age of variety, people would go out to see not just one thing such as a comedian, or a magician, or a band but go to see a beautiful techni-coloured melange of the hilarious, the entertaining, the intriguing and a singing dog.

Then came John Logie Baird and everything changed. Well, not overnight, of course, but the invention of television did definitely contribute to what was a long, slow death of the variety act. But it is television that has been one of the influencing factors in its return. Love it or hate it, Britain’s Got Talent has now been around for years and is just as popular now as it was when it first hit our screens, complete with singing dogs, naturally. And this has led to a mini comeback in variety shows throughout the land. Of course, this has no effect on Cromer, where it never went away, and is proving more popular than ever this year. Cromer’s traditional end-or-the-pier show is the last remaining one in the UK and has been incredibly popular this summer. Tickets are also selling fast for their Christmas show, now in its 10th year.

As for us, we love it and love working closely with the Pier. So much so that you can now book a complete package straight through our website. Two-rosette dinner, taxi, last remaining end-of-the-pier-show, taxi back, four-star accommodation, wonderful breakfast. £159.00. We call it our Cromer Pier Christmas Package, and yes, it took us hours to come up with the name. Not quite 10,000 hours, though.