The following is adapted from reviews of our afternoon teas and restaurant on various platforms.

Pulling the zip on my coat right up to the absolute top tooth just to preserve every little bit of warmth that my body was giving off, I toddled off down the path that lead home, sated and glowing inside. It had been a good day. It had been an excellent idea – why not use up the last half day’s holiday with a fizzy afternoon tea at The Grove, I said. Bingo – eyes light up, husband points a plenty, life is good.

Greeted warmly by staff, we were shown a number of options of where to have our tea. The formal Dining room; too formal for us, the Orangery Bar; lovely but the big bi-fold reminded us of what lay outside, the garden; not on your nelly, The Lounge; yes.

Snuggling up in front of the fire, we chatted about the year gone by, we browsed on the bygone books about Norfolk, Cromer, we learned what a Bishy-Barnabee was, we were treated to some lovely loose leaf tea, homemade scones, macaroons, finger sandwiches with salmon, local ham and Norfolk cheeses, profiteroles, and some those lovely little things which are half pastry- half meringue with cream in the middle. The fizz came, and quickly went. Teapots were refilled, and we sat and chatted, and ate, and drank, and when it grew dark, we realized that we really had to go; which was a shame because it would have been good to shut the door and stay for a few more hours, or maybe a week, or two.

Now for the walk home.