Congratulations from us to our Queen, HM Elizabeth II. Sixty-three years is an awfully long time to do anything, and whatever your opinion of the monarchy, respect has to go out to The Queen in passing Queen Victoria’s record and being on the throne for all those years.

In her time, she has overseen twelve Prime Ministers, six Popes, and six Arch Bishops of Canterbury. She also has 30 grandchildren, which is enough to keep anyone busy! – think of all those birthdays. She has been through good times and bad, from disasters, divorces and death to commemoration, ceremony and celebration. Throughout her reign she has always delivered a consistent message of stoicism and tradition and delivered it in the same manner.

At The Grove, we also pride ourselves on our longevity. We are celebrating our 80th year in 2016, and feel we have learnt a great deal from our experiences over that time and taken on board lessons from others who also have many years of experience. The Queen is one such example. There is much to be said for keeping your message consistent, especially if people respond well to it. Our message is that we want everyone who comes through our door to have a relaxing and enjoyable time and will go out of our way to achieve this, whether they are dining with us swimming with us, or staying with us. Looking back, it seems like an incredibly long time since Robert and Hilda Graveling took a huge gamble in 1936 and moved into The Grove and decided to welcome people into their home to relax and enjoy themselves. And although much has changed, in many ways it is still the same; we are still welcoming people into our home with their relaxation and their enjoyment foremost in our minds. We plan to do so for many years to come.

So let’s raise a glass to HM Queen Elizabeth II and wish her many more years on the throne, and any time you are passing, Mam, if you fancy a crab salad and someone to chat to about long running establishments, you know where to come.