New year, same story.

As anyone knows who owns a building that is old, there is always a great deal of upkeep. The Grove, of course, is no exception. Every January, we close our doors, and out comes the sandpaper, dust sheets, and paint pots. Every year, there is a different focus, last year it was the kitchen, the year before, an orangery bar, and toilet block for glamping, this year it is the turn of the pantry floor, the pool, a few windows, the pantry roof, one of the front porch pillars, the western exterior wall, the front hall, a replacement air source heat pump for the pool, as well as a general lick of paint and brush up, where needed.

Also, thanks to our winner of our “decorate number six” competition, Catherine Adams, we have finally stopped arguing about a colour scheme for Number Six and the decorators are hard at work, overlooking the conker lawn to the east of The Grove. The room was originally designed as the dressing room for The Barclays in the 1840s, and the adjoining en-suite was well ahead of its time as the original master bedroom’s private bathroom.

As always, there will be an inevitable last minute rush, but also as always, we will open on time, and will be repeating our ever popular Burn’s Night on 25th January featuring Former Scotts Guard Piper, Peter McFarlane.