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Á la Carte Menu

Glass of Prosecco “Vispo Allegro”  £6.95

Handmade sourdough bread   Olive oil and balsamic glaze  £3.95

Olives  £3.95


Local seafood assiette £10.50*

(ask for gf) Crispy fried hen’s egg, salsa verde

Chicken satay battle £8.95

Classic roast peanut dressing

Simon; garden corriander zhoug (gf)

A De Piff; black pepper, chilli, turmeric garlic

Cromer lobster bisque £7.25

(gf)  Gremolata, Norton’s thermidor fondant bomb

Muntjac faggot open lasagne £7.95

 Cherry tomatoes, garden herbs

Wild strawberries £7.25

(v,gf) Watermelon, garden courgette and mint, garden elderflower sorbet, berry leather

Globe artichoke £7.25

(v, gf) Artichoke heart, Cromer crab mouse, creme fraiche pumpkin seeds

Market soup £6.25

(v, ask for gf) Norfolk cheddar crouton

Black Shuck chicken liver parfait £7.95

(ask for gf) Free-range chicken livers, Black Shuck redcurrant reduction, warm Dapple scone


Fillet of prime Norfolk beef  £24.95**

(gf) Fondant potato, carrot & tarragon puree, Grove vegetables

John Davies’ Cromer lobster (when available, requires 24 hour notice) half £18.95* whole 28.95**

New potatoes, Grove salad

Garlic & chilli   ~   thermidor ~ au gratin ~ natural cold dressed

Pan-fried halibut £19.95*

(gf) Salsa verdi, lemongrass dressing, smoked paprika risotto

Dressed Cromer crab  £14.95

(gf) Norfolk Peers new potatoes, garden mixed leaf salad, vine tomatoes, Grove ‘slaw

Norfolk chicken Supreme  £17.95

(gf) Wild Girelle mushroom, thyme boullongere potatoes, Grove garden vegetables, lemon veloute             

Mrs Beeton’s lamb chops £19.95*

(gf) English mustard, pomme Dauphinoise, Grove vegetables

Cley Smokehouse celebration  £18.50

(ask for gf)  Grove garden salad, Hunter dressing, oven-dried tomato confit, garden rosemary focaccia

Pork saltimbocca £17.95

Pork fillet in Parma ham, linguine, gremolata, creamed wild spinach, garden sage & parsley                 

Salt baked beetroot  £13.95

(v, gf)  Mardler basil salad, watercress, green lentil

Sides (all gf) £3.50

Grove Garden Salad

Walnut, Sundried Tomato & Binham Blue Salad

Grove Garden Vegetables


Norfolk honey parfait £7.25

(ask for gf)  Poached plum, lemon verbena cream, granola crumble

Salted caramel tart £7.25

(gf)  Chocolate pastry, Belgian chocolate ice-cream

Lemon polenta cake £7.25

(gf) Orange layer gel, raspberry sorbet, marmalade panna cotta

Poached pears £7.25

(gf) Saffron chilled apple soup, Madagascan vanilla pod ice cream      

Crème brulee £7.25

(gf)  Choux pastry swan, Baileys mousse, chocolate callets

Grove cheesecake  £7.25

(gf)  Passionfruit, sweet cicely, garden elderflower sorbet

(gf) Selection of handmade ice-creams and sorbet £7.25

Norfolk cheeses  £9.95*

(ask for gf) Selection of Norfolk cheeses (with a guest sometimes!), biscuits, tracklements, quince jelly



Matthew Algie ‘Elevator’ Triple-certified 100% fairtrade espresso coffee                                          £2.50

Loose-leaf English or herbal teas                                                                                                                   £1.50

Irish coffee                                                                                                                                                            £5.90

Ports                                                                                                                                                                      £4.50

Dessert wine                                                                                                                                                        £4.95

Baileys                                                                                                                                                                  £4.00

Malts                                                                                                                                                                     £4.50

Norfolk whiskey: Distillers Elect                                                                                                                   £5.50


Our kitchen uses nuts; beware – traces may be present.

Some fish may contain pin bones.

An allergens list is available on request. We are happy to tailor most dishes to suit dietary requirements, including gluten-free.

All items subject to availability; we reserve the right to substitute dishes of equal quality.

Some supplements apply for dinner bed and breakfast rate: *£5 **£10

Please ask if you would like us to email you any of our menus in PDF format.